flot·sam · ˈflätsəm · things that have been rejected and are regarded as worthless

Point Peron is my little haven, a rugged & rocky headland surrounded by fingers of reef that create protected bays perfect for snorkelling & swimming. I’ve taken hundreds of photos there over the years I’ve lived in the area, but in recent times I tend to leave the camera at home so I can enjoy the time with family. When the weather is wild, we walk around the limestone cliffs and explore some of the World War II bunkers and canon mounts. When summer is in its prime, it’s a paradise for swimming & snorkelling in the heat of early morning and just before sunset. Our diving gear is always in the car.

This photograph was taken late last summer (earlier this year) – a collection of the things I found when I’m diving off the  western shore. An anemone, some spirals that form the centre of large shells that have long since fallen to pieces… and a myriad of fishing gear. It’s quite literally everywhere at the bottom of the bay. I bring it all home so it’s not ghost fishing. The shells I bring home for Jasmine. This just seemed such a pretty little collection:)


“Flotsam” (click for full size)