crash wallpaper 1680 x 1050 PNG


‘crash’ was one of my first scribbles. It is a self portrait, drawn on terrible paper with a terrible pen. I’m a shift worker, and I spend a lot of time not knowing if it’s day or night (let alone what day of the week it is) so my couch is a place I crash often. It is easily one of the biggest couches in the world, and it’s nearly as comfortable as my bed.

I wanted to share this image properly as a wallpaper because it reminds me how far I’ve come, thanks to the Google+ community.

Download 1680×1050 PNG file here.

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Stopped at an intersection in Perth city at around midnight.

Process: camera is mounted on the dash using a Joby GorillaPod; settings f/29 ISO400 exposure 30 seconds (photograph is taken at night). With this particular shot, I was stopped at the intersection for about 10-15 seconds, then drove through it. The bright red slash from the traffic light is, of course, actually green! The green stationary/starred light above it is the red one. Confused? The red slash is created when I drive through the intersection.

The following editing/filters are done in photoshop: Inverse image, 2 curves layers, and a Filter layer. Very simple! With CS5 I am using Adjustment Layers to edit the image non-destructively. I do a lot of tweaking to get the tones and subtle shadows balanced, so each one is slightly different; destructive editing is never a good option.

Download link

You can download this wallpaper here. 1920×1080 / 16:9 PNG

crayon sky 1920x1080

Crayon Sky

I took this photo while driving home this evening; using a Canon EOS 600D mounted on the dash using a Joby GorillaPod (SLR Zoom). i was happy with the actual photograph, but with a little editing in Photoshop, it has become a great wallpaper.

Exposure: 30 seconds F/25.0 ISO800

You can download the 1920×1080 PNG file HERE.

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