Australia Day and All The Things

This isn’t much of a photo really now I look at it, but if you’ve ever been to Point Peron in Western Australia on a warm day, this is heaven. This is the southern side of the peninsula, a little bay surrounded by a reef line. It is one of the most stunning places for a swim and a snorkel; the visibility is superb, the sand is clear, the water is deep, there are amazing fish to see, and it’s largely protected from the big surf when the weather chops up. Most importantly, it’s a place only the locals know about, because it’s a little off the beaten track. Perfect! Oh, and most importantly – this is where +Yoon-Mi Kim will be calling home very soon – she’s finished up her last day off work, done her celebrating (and is still sleeping it off) – and is making the enormous move from chilly London to glorious Perth early next month. It is a huge time for both of us, and we couldn’t be happier:) …and sorrier for all the poor sods stuck in the rather-more-than-cold UK!

…people like +Paul Stickland incidentally – who celebrates his Birthday today! Happy Birthday Paul! Not much of a segue, I know;) Happy Birthday anyway mate, from a place you’d most likely rather be! I hope we can catch up soon.

What else? Oh! Jack Carty is touring again & is in WA this week. In case you don’t know who he is, you’re rather behind the eight-ball because he’s so famous now that he’s got his own wiki page (true story!) – I think he’s doing Dunsborough first, then a gig in Perth on Tuesday. You can catch the info via – he’s one of those Facebook people and you can catch the stuff & the things there. If you like message bombing people to get off facebook and explore Google+ go bomb him here: +Jack Carty and say I sent you.

And of course, Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies enjoying the glorious summer (that’s you Perth!) or the cloud and drizzle (that’s you, everyone else from what I hear!). I’m settling in to do some scribbling & enjoy the Triple J Hottest 100!