Album review: Cherish the Broken

Heather Fay’s album Cherish the Broken released last month, and I’ve received my copy in the post. I did have pre-mastered copies of some of the album to work with when I was developing the artwork, and Autumn’s Chill (the working title for the album) was high on my playlist while I illustrated for Heather. It’s a gorgeously buoyant track, full of light and life; invoking memories of my own childhood. Heather’s style is like that; delicate, openly emotional, and quite evocative. She has quite a poetic lyrical approach, using imagery that really encourages a personal connection to her music; a real talent, one not found often enough in indie music today.

The album is a rich folksy bluegrass offering with a healthy cut of country root stock left in (“I Would For You“). Lyrically and vocally you will hear a mix of Jewel (“Scrape Knee’d Girl“) & The Indigo Girls (“Stay” & “Where We’ll Meet Again”). Heather had support from a number of musicians making this record; the sparse yet very effective use of use cello/violin, mandolin, steel pedal and organ show a lot of consideration and knowledge in the mastering. Over-all, it is an exceptionally well balanced record, and that displays a lot of experience, knowledge and heart.

If my heart should break would you kick it around?
Sweep it under the rug never to be found?
Or would you put it together again?
And cherish the broken parts of who I am? – from “I Would For You”.

The record title comes straight out of the heart of Heather’s lyrics, and nothing is more honest than that. I was pretty thrilled to be a part of that process; it was during a somewhat intense period of the development when Heather was feeling the weight of the album; mastering was very nearly completed, and she still needed a name. She was so close to every part of her work, she was struggling to see it in entirety, and this lyric was re-discovered in a new light. It stuck, and I feel it really captures quite beautifully who Heather is as a person, and also those parts of herself and her experiences she gives voice to on this record.

It’s a record Jasmine and I both enjoy, and if there is any criticism more brutal than that of an 8 year old, I’m not aware of it. Thanks, Heather – you did it, and it’s wonderful!

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Halloween 2013 for YMK

Happy Halloween twenty thirteen! I’ve had somewhat of a difficult day, what with my girlfriend eating my brains and all. I had just made a toasted Camembert sandwich and was about to feed the pumpkin beast when hey ho, she lops the top of my head in half and downs my cerebellum with a spork. Typical! Lately there’s just been oodles of cans of worms spilled all over the place, and the mice have had their mitts full trying to deal with that – so they couldn’t even provide a token defence. What is the good, I ask you, of having a mice minion army when they can’t even stop a (rather gorgeous, if I’m honest) quisling from nomming on your grey matter?

Mostly, this is just an absolute mish-mash of stuff and things. It is a Halloween celebration, and a congratulations to +Yoon-Mi Kim   for something wonderful she has achieved, and it’s just full of things for her to find and enjoy. I rarely find time to just draw for ‘myself’ these days – and mostly when I can find time, I like to draw for her.

Thanks to “I’m the plant that can make it all real” Artline.

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Belledonna Bubble

Belladonna Bubble, Halloween Twenty 13

This is a brief introduction to Belladonna Bubble, Miss Halloween Twenty Thirteen. I would like to tell you that Belladonna Bubble is a good girl, or at least that she has a good heart even though she is quite often less than good. Neither of those things is even remotely true. Belladonna Bubble is the reason we lock our doors at night. If we forget, she would put poison in our muesli, and coat the bacon with slug slime. At Halloween, she likes to give the children rabbit-dung liquorice… the really yucky one with salt on it… but that’s a whole other can of worms.

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crash wallpaper 1680 x 1050 PNG


‘crash’ was one of my first scribbles. It is a self portrait, drawn on terrible paper with a terrible pen. I’m a shift worker, and I spend a lot of time not knowing if it’s day or night (let alone what day of the week it is) so my couch is a place I crash often. It is easily one of the biggest couches in the world, and it’s nearly as comfortable as my bed.

I wanted to share this image properly as a wallpaper because it reminds me how far I’ve come, thanks to the Google+ community.

Download 1680×1050 PNG file here.

more at

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Free Book Candy!

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I’ve been wanting to make some more of these for a while, because I do love my books, and I love making people read books. Books are good for your brain.

This series of 3 is a downloadable A4 PDF with handy-dandy crop marks, so print it on decent photo paper and have at it with a pair of scissors. If you don’t have a good printer at home, stealth into work early (or stay late) and misappropriate office resources. In fact, print lots of copies, and leave them everywhere. Book Candy!

Download it here.

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